Questions I often get asked


General Questions

Why should we hire you?

I specialise in commercial and hospitality spaces. I have the experience in photographing these spaces which are very different to residential spaces.
I’ve built a good reputation among the companies I have worked with for my image quality and customer service.

Where are you based and where do you work?

I am based in Bedfordshire in the UK. I provide photography services throughout the UK and Europe.

What gear do you use?

I shoot with a Sony A7riii which is a 42-megapixel camera. I have several Sony G-master lenses which are incredibly sharp, clear lenses. I also shoot with a 24mm Tilt-Shift lens which is a specialist architectural photography lense.
I have 4 studio strobes and some speedlights which I use and a large number of light modifiers.
Finally, I travel with a small selection of props to add to some of the images.

How many images can you shoot in a day

This depends totally on the shoot. If the rooms are ready, I can do between 8 and 16 a day.

Why does it take you so long to take one photo?

I spend between 1 and 2 hours on set perfecting the staging, composition and lighting. I then spend between 1 and 2 hours in post perfecting the colours and exposure. This enables me to provide you with the perfect image, aligned with your brand, to show the room or space.
Check out this youtube video of me setting up, shooting and editing a room I photographed in a Grade 2 listed building.
YouTube video

Can we have the RAW files?

Easy answer. No. Longer answer. Why would you want them? My RAW files are only part of the image. Each image is made up of at least 3 and sometimes up to 25 RAW images. I blend them all in together in Photoshop to create my final image which you see.

What do you photograph?

I focus on commercial spaces, with a tiny bit of executive residential. Spaces I photograph include:
– Offices
– Shopping Malls
– Hotels
– Restaurants
– Gyms
– Schools
– Fuel Stations
– Car sellers units
– Retail Parks
– Holiday Resorts
– Luxury homes
– Plus other Commercial Spaces

I also offer Stage Photography of construction builds to build a record of the sites progress during the build. Very useful for large construction projects.


What are your rates?

I have a number of packages that I provide my clients. Each quote is based on these packages, travel fees and usage. Get in touch with your brief and I will send you out a quote within 24 hours.

What is cost sharing?

Cost-sharing is a very beneficial way of either reducing the cost or allowing you a higher value package. There is a small surcharge added to the package price to cover the additional work for me. This new cost is then divided equally amongst the parties, allowing you a lower final cost.

Do you charge extra for travel?

The quote you receive is broken down into all the parts. I do charge for travel, but it is all outlined in the quote. Once you receive the quote unless there are any extra’s added after our consultation you won’t be charged anymore.

How do your payments work?

This is incredibly simple. Upon accepting my quote you pay a 30% booking fee. This ensures I reserve the dates agreed for you.
Once I have completed the images, I put up low-resolution samples on my server for you to look over. If there are any additional edits you require, let me know and I will get them done.
Once you have signed off the images they will be available as a shopping cart product on my website. You simply purchase them there, pay via PayPal and you will receive a link to download them via a zipped file.
If you have ordered any physical products, these will be delivered as soon as they become available by the suppliers.

Images and Usage

Who owns the images you supply?

I own all of my images. I license them out to you to use in certain scenarios.

What does your licensing mean to me?

It is all written out in my contract. I let you use the images on your website, social media (with a little photo credit to me), trade shows, trade magazines, competitions, editorial use.
You may not give, lend, lease or sell the images to anyone. Just get them to drop me an email and we can discuss licensing any images out to them.

I don’t understand Licensing, please explain it?

This is something I need to go over with new clients all the time and is something that doesn’t seem to be know about. As an example. Let’s say you purchase microsoft office for your business. If you read the EULA (that long box that everyone ticks without reading?) it will tell you that once you activate the product, it will only be for one person to use on one computer for example. Then after a certain amount of time, you need to either upgrade or renew it.

That is how licensing works. I use the Association of Photographers Usage Calculator to work out my prices. I have a B.U.R (Base usuage Rate) for each image. This is what it costs me to create (without expenses). I then plug this into the app along with how long you want to use the image for (I’d recommend not more than about 5 years as it will start to look dated after this), how you want to use it (web, print or whatever) and where you want to use it (UK only, Europe, worldwide). This then gives me a figure that is a fair rate to charge you. If you would like to continue using this after the licensed rate, you can purchase an additional license from me to extend the usage. If it’s exactly the same usage as the original it will be half the cost to renew.

Can I share my images with other parties?

Third-party usage is not a part of my standard licensing agreement. If someone else wants to use the images I provided to you, they must get in contact with me to provide them with a license to avoid licensing infringements.

How can I use images that you created for someone else?

Simply drop me an email. I can then provide you with an invoice and a download link.

What is the Process?

Stage 1

Get in touch. Fill out the Contact form that is on almost every page or drop me an email. We can then schedule a phone or Skype call to go over the brief.

Stage 2

We discuss the project over the phone or Skype. I will ask you a LOt of questions about what you want ot use the images for, how long you want to use them for, what you’d like me to photograph, if you require any models, props or sets built, how to provide me with a shot list and more. I may ask for some mobile phone photo’s of the areas, or we can arrange a site visit.

Stage 3

I will create an estimate for you and email it to you. If it works for you, I will take a 30% booking fee to secure the dates and send you out a contract to sign. We are ready to go!

Stage 4

Shooting time! I spend the required time on set working closely with you if required to shoot the assets I use to create the final images. These could be long days.

Stage 5

I carry out Post processing to get the exposure and colours correct as well as adding or removing items as required. I put them up on a secure site for you to have a look at and comment on. If there are any further edits you’d like me to do, I will do them now.

Stage 6

Once you are happy with them, I invoice you and depending on the agreed delivery of the images you will receive them.