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The Hirer's Guide to Architectural Photography

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The Hirer's Guide to Architectural Photography

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If you are an Architect, Interior Designer, Builder, Contractor, Restaurant, Gym, Shop, Hotel, Office block, Sub-Contractor, or any one else involved in Commercial Spaces, you may need photographs of your space. This could be for a website, wall art, advertising space or a myriad of other options.
Well this 30 page document will break down all you need to know.
It covers the following:
– Identifying your needs
– Potential uses for your photographs
– Selecting a photographer
– What is good photography?
– Estimating an Assigment and how to decipher quotes
– Licensing and Rights Granted
– Copyright Law
– 2 Case Studies to drive the theory home
– Tips for Controlling Costs
– Assignment Checklist