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Portfolio of works


An Architectural photograph of Wrest Park taken from the side looking over the flower gardens toward the house.
Photograph of Gdansk old town reflected in the river

Architectural Photograph of the World War 2 museum in Gdansk with the sun rising behind it
Night time, light painted architectural photograph of Bedford Heights
Architectural Photograph of Aston Martin car sales
Architectural photograph of 2 office blocks in Milton Keynes

Architectural photograph of Wrest Park with a pink sky
Interior photograph of a rest area in Gdansk's Forum shopping mall
An Underpass in Milton Keynes showing and architectural photograph of the 401 building with a cyclist and 2 pedestrians using it.
Architectural photograph showing the entrance to the multi storey car park in Milton Keynes

Interior photograph of a office block's central courtyard
An architectural photograph of the Network Rail building in Milton keynes with the sun rising behind it.
Semi Abstract architectural photograph. A blue sky with the lines of the buildings receding into the background
Interior photograph of the arcade in Bedford with an ice cream cart parked outside the shop

Real Estate photograph of a living area
Close up architectural photograph of Aston Martin car shop
An interior photograph of Subway in Bedford showing tables and chairs and the serving counter.
Architectural photograph of the sun rising over the Holiday Inn in Milton Keynes

Higgins and Sons, Twilght and Light Painting architectural photography
Interior photograph of Centre MK

Real Estate photograph of a bedroom
Architectural photograph of the Liberty Living building in Bedford

Interior photograph of the escalator area of a shopping mall
Architectural photograph of midsummer place in Milton Keynes
Interior photograph of Forum Shopping Centre in Gdansk
Architectural photograph of an underpass in Milton Keynes with a van driving over it.

Interior photograph of a detail in Forum Shopping Center
Abstract architectural photograph showing a close up of the metal cladding on a building